Our Services

We specialize in many styles of slate roofing, cedar shake and cedar shingle
roofing, simulated slate roofs, asphalt shingles and copper roofing. We also install
applied and built-in copper gutter systems. Our copper work is professionally
done to industry standards

Functionality of our products is our highest priority, but aesthetics
are strongly considered and integrated seamlessly into all of our work.

Copper and Slate Roofing
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Copper roofing is a highly functional
and ornamental way to protect and accent
your home.

We custom-fabricate standing seam
and flat seam panel roofing systems
for window wells, low-pitched roofs, crickets,
bay windows, cupolas and more!

Copper Gutters
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We install and restore built-in copper gutter
and applied gutter systems.

Copper gutters, when installed correctly,
are the premium material for residential
roof drainage. The fact that it can be soldered –
versus caulked – allows for an enduring,
naturally attractive appeal that enhances
your home's esthetics.

Cedar Roofing
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Cedar is a natural roofing product that
has been used for generations because
of cedar's innate self-preserving quality.

We offer a broad variety of cedar roof styles:
from perfection and tapersawn shingles,
to medium and heavy hand-spilt shakes.

With proper and periodic maintenance,
cedar roofs possess a rich-looking appearance
and provide a functional and durable roof
with an "old-world" appeal all of its own.
Cedar roofs create a fine complement
to many styles of homes.

Slate Roofing
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We install an assortment of various types
of slate roofs. Having in-house installers
(not sub-contracted) allows us to maintain
a consistent high-quality level of craftsmanship.

Slate roofing, in addition to its inherent
durability, has a variety of styles, colors
and thickness to be considered for your roof.

Slate is a natural roofing material with added
character which combines a long-lasting life
with unmatched beauty and charm.

Asphalt Roofing
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Roofing Repairs
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Our skilled craftsmen have years of experience
repairing a variety of roofing materials.

When it comes to leaks, we believe that tar
is never the solution for a leak on a slopped roof.

Our approach is to seek a permanent solution,
which typically involves the disassembling
of the general leak area, tracing the water
source and performing an expert installation
of the proper materials.

We do not use the term "expert" lightly!
Backed by twenty years of leak-finding roofing
experience, we guarantee the solutions
we recommend so you can be confident
our repairs are dependable and permanent.